Goat Cheese Binibeca Semicured (½)

Artisan Goat Cheese Semicured Binibeca is a product made from raw milk of goats that graze on the land Alcaiduset. Requires a cure from 2 to 8 months, with a bark of a orange color and a creamy texture in the first weeks, which will take consistency and acquires a firmer texture with the passing of the days

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The Artisan Semicured Goat Cheese by Binibeca is a product made with raw milk from goats that graze at the Alcaiduset farm. It is in the same facility where there will be all the tasks necessary to obtain high quality cheeses.

After heating the milk to reach 35º, is added the rennet and the natural enzymes, let it rest for 45 minutes, the dough is passed through the lires and wait until the whey separates from the curd. Then the curd is introduced into round molds, where the pieces are marked with the number of week of preparation, and covered for pressing for 2 hours, taking on the traditional round shape. Later, are placed into a brine bath for 16 hours, where they acquire the point that provides a salty flavor. Finally, be extracted from the brine to be placed on wooden shelves where be the time to maturity, depending that variety of Artisan Goat Cheese is desired.


To achieve a good cheese, is required follow the procedures defined traditionally. During the first month the piece is rotated twice a week. From this time, the Artisan Goat Cheeses Binibeca will be anointed with oil and fat every 15 days, until the time of sale.


The Artisan Goat Cheese Binibeca Semicured requires a curing period of 2 to 8 months, during which the crust acquires an orange color. In his first weeks this cheese has a creamy texture, but with the passage of time, it will take consistency and acquires a firmer texture.


It comes in fraction ½ piece ±0,400 kg, with vacuum packaging.


Please note that due to the traditional process of elaboration, may cause slight variations in these values.

To ensure the conservation and better enjoy the Artisan Goat Cheese from Menorca, read our Recommendations Conservation of the Mahon-Menorca Cheese at desdeMenorca.com/

  • Depth : ± 6 cm
  • Height : ± 6 cm
  • Packing : Vacuum
  • Weight : ± 0,400 kg
  • Width : ± 12 cm

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