Mahon-Menorca Cheese 

Recommendations to improve the experience with the Artisan Cheese Mahon-Menorca

In the Artisan Cheeses with PDO Mahon-Menorca, like all cheeses, the fermentation process continues until the time of consumption. For proper development is required to maintain the necessary balance of temperature and humidity. And it's not surprising that in some varieties appear in the bark some signs of mold, which usually endorse the health of the cheese.

For its conservation after opening the vacuum packaging, should be wrapped in wax paper, or instead aluminum foil, to preserve air and light and prevent drying. Use a not airtight plastic container, in a cool place with temperature between 6 and 10 °C, and a moist environment, about 70-80% (less cold area of the refrigerator). The soft cheese needs a temperature of ± 4 ° C, so that must be preserved in the coldest part of refrigerator. It is convenient to keep separate the different cheeses to avoid cross-contamination by scents and molds.

The consumption is recommended in the first weeks after purchase, and always before the deadline stated in the product. Vacuum packaging extends in 2 / 3 weeks the term under the conditions indicate. As for the soft cheese, shelf life is less than that of the cured because it has higher water content, increasing the possibility of growth of fungi and bacteria. That's why it is advisable to consume it as soon as possible.

To fully enjoy the taste, it should keep at room temperature prior to a space of 10 minutes.


The cheese is of the few foods that can not be frozen.