Celiac disease is a chronic intestinal disorder caused by permanent intolerance to gluten, which damages the lining of small intestine of the affected, preventing normal digestion of food. Gluten is a proteinic complex present in some cereals such as the wheat, the barley, the rye and possibly the oats and their derivatives, the semolina, the kamut (wheat variety) and the spelled (also known as wild wheat or green wheat), and also in triticale (hybrid of wheat and rye). Specifically, it is a component of gluten, la gliadin, a substance that is toxic to people with this disease.

Once diagnosed the disease, the only effective treatment consists follow of lifetime a strict diet without gluten, allowing clinical and functional normalization of the intestinal mucosa. This diet is also required for those affected by allergy to gluten, which is not a disorder but an immune response but has similar consequences, as well as those with dermatitis herpetiformis.

In this category of the online store we present all products elaborated in Menorca which, being completely free of gluten, can be incorporated into these diets. So we hope enable at people affected by these diseases enjoy the delicious flavors of Menorca products without risk to their health.

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