Es Rebost Jams & Marmalades 

The jams & marmalades "Es Rebost" are made only with fresh fruit and sugar, no preservatives or additives to keep all the flavor of the countryside and the sun of Menorca.

In "Es Rebost" we prepare our products with the recipes we have inherited from our ancestors. We do a completely artisan process, but at an appropriate facility with all the sanitary measures to ensure a high quality result.

In addition to our products more consumed, "figat" (fig jam), "arrop" (syrup) y "carabassat" (pumpkin jam), we offer a wide range of jams, with great variety of fruit, mixed or a single type.
With a traditional tastes or other innovator types. There are melon, de pumpkin and watermelon...
We make candied fruit such as plum or figs. And "quince jelly"...
The new marmalades are apple, lemon, apricot, peach, orange, tomato, apple & lemon, melon rum...

Try them, certainly repeat!

Es Rebost has over ten years experience and is composed of a group of "madones", farmers women that work in cooperative regime. "Es Rebost" also has a Charts of Master Craftsman.

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