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To good know one people and their culture, we must also know its gastronomy. Investigate minorcan food presents certain challenges because Menorca is a sea of history and traditions, that have always tried to keep alive for a long time.

The way we do our work in Raima makes it almost becomes an art and that to achieve an artisan sausage of these features are many steps that must be followed. And we follow them by the methods we have inherited from our ancestors.

But also there are other agents directly involved in product development. And one of these is the climate that, being unique from our island, make that the curing of the "sobrasada", and other artisan sausages that need it, is also unique. And the richness of our land which yields its fruits to feed as pigs that, when they are ready, will serve as raw material for our sausages.

And is then when everything is put into our hands and in Raima we do our work according to the traditions that have been passed from generation to generation since the ancients, and we will continue to do so because only then can we achieve the quality we demand of ourselves and the satisfaction of our customers.

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