Es Fangueti 

Bàrbara Pons and Joana Muñoz are the two components of "Es Fangueti", an artistic tandem that use traditional techniques of clay to give the pottery pieces an absolutely air today, with a neat design. The blue and the natural color of mud, the marine motifs and the warmth are the hallmarks of all its pieces.

His workshop is located in an old flour mill of the eighteenth century, an environment that, by your shape, is really an energy space, almost magical, an island within an island. In Menorca, when the children play with soil and water, is called making "fangueti" ...hence the name of the workshop.

From the workshop "Es Fangueti" can out since crockery to fixtures or lamps, vases and candlesticks through, always with this combination of tradition and renewal that characterizes them. They also make collections of unique pieces.

They are in possession of qualifications by Charter of Master Artisan No. 631 and Charter of Artisan No. 193 issued by the Island Council of Minorca. Also they have obtained the distinctive of Guarantee Mark "Crafts of Minorca" and it of the Company with Artisan Qualification Document No. 226.

His pieces have been recognized on several occasions:

· 1st. Award for Best Contemporary Piece, Craft Fair of Es Mercadal 2004
· 1st. Award for Best Contemporary Piece, Craft Fair of Es Mercadal 2007
· 1st. Award "Craft of Menorca", Best Artisan Work (ex aequo) 2008

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