The Mahon Gin is the best known traditional product for those visiting Menorca. Its origins date back to the time when this land belonged to the British Crown, for most of the eighteenth century. British soldiers stationed in the garrisons of the island as well as seafarers serving on ships of the British Army calling at Mahon, whose natural harbor was of great strategic value in the Mediterranean, brought the brandy then fashionable in his homeland: the Gin. To meet this consumption, the artisans of Mahon imported juniper berries and distilled the liquor as from ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin, in copper stills whose fire fed exclusively with wood from trees that can be found in Menorca. Over the years, the Gin consumption is consolidated among the population who incorporated it into their traditions.

The brand "Xoriguer" came midway through the twentieth century, resulting from the conversion in distillers of the Pons family, which until then ran the flour mill that gave its name to the liquor. From then until now, Xoriguer is doing distillation, bottling and marketing the Mahon Gin, along with a wide range of fine spirits, as "Calent", "Estomagale", "Ginimel" and "Pomada". And it's emphasizing the originality of the bottles in which they present their distillates.

The Mahon Gin is covered by the Geographical Indication label, which states that you must have a final alcohol content between 38% and 43% in volume, and which expressly prohibits the inclusion of extracts, additives or artificial flavors.

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