Pastisseria Artesana Lluís FebrerIn the "Pastisseria Artesana", pastry and bakery from Ferreries, are equally dedicated to the most common products of pastry or bakery and to the specialties of the Menorca traditional pastry. At the forefront is Lluís Febrer, formed in the craft in the now closed "Pastisseria Serra", highly regarded in his time in Ferreries, and that he superseded in 1983 founding the current "Pastisseria Artesana Lluís Febrer".

From this learning phase comes a determination to imprint to this family business a strong interest in the incorporation of innovative ideas without departing from the guidelines defined by the artisan tradition.

Thus, to the preparation of pastries and pies of all kinds, as well as bakery products, have added a line of products that, being completely gluten free, are suitable for diets to be followed by those affected by gluten intolerance, such as that caused by celiac disease.

Lluís Febrer obtained the Charter of Master Artisan (CMA) in 1992 and the distinctive as Company with Artisan Qualification Designation (DQA) in 2008, granted by the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands. Also worth noting that, with his professional activity as Artisan Pastry, Lluís Febrer has developed a remarkable career as a painter, perhaps as continuation of their higher education in Fine Arts.

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