Mobilians Apiary Lorenzo Riera

Our beehives

I f we have arrived at the results of today it is thanks to our daily work and a great love for nature and our land, our dear Menorca. When our great-grandparents and our grandparents cultivated kept-bees couldn't have imagined that almost three centuries later their grandchildren and great-grandchildren would transform this work into someting so different.

My granfather on my mother's side, whose name is Lorenzo, cultivated beehives made of canes until the 1960's, when he had to give up because of health problems. Then, I was very young and it wouldn't be until a few years later when I would start to have beehives following the advice and also the anecdotes of my elders. Gradually I gathered knowledge and slowy I added to this with practical experiencie, learning news techniques. I was always urged on wanting to be up-to-date with every new idea and preogress in the world of modern bee-keeping.

That is whey I have even taken part in competitions, for example in the "Pastrana Fair", which I presented a project/plan whose aim was to show a new idea of how to improve the process of the sealing of stamped wax in the frames where the bees build the panels. I was surprised I was mentioned, which was a great satisfaction and a encouragement to continue in te effort of a job well-done. Our apicola product, and specifically the honey, we have sold thanks tp its quality and its detailed presentation which has deserved the attention of specialized magazines in France an Spain.

Thanks to this we can show that our pride is based in being able to keep your trust as, in the end, our effort is to emprove our product day by day to be able to always offer you a product of quality.

Lorenzo Riera, Beekeeper, Menorca

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