ArtAbby is a pseudonym and also the brand with which Abby B. Ribot expose the artistic pottery that she produces in his studio creative from Alaior, situated in a quiet environment surrounded by nature, a perfect place to encourage creativity.

In response to his early interest about handcrafts -macramé, tapestry, basketry, ceramics, enamel, paint, plaster, etc ...- Abby studied fine arts, specializing in Ceramics at the School of Tarrega Ondara making practices at the potter's workshop C.S. Miró, from Lleida, obtaining the title of Technical Ceramist. Subsequently expanded its training courses by various artistic techniques such as glass, engraving, screen printing, leather and recycled materials.
Under the impetus of new creative projects, he studied Audiovisual Creation Technician for Film and Television, and also computer courses applied to image and video. In this area, worked on several short films and audiovisual DVDPostal project.

Residing years ago in Menorca, has channeled his work towards artistic ceramic made ​​with fireclay from natural colors. His works are artistic pieces of ceramic, unique and original handcrafted, you can be both decorative and utilitarian. With a rustic look, it work a surface to obtain a texture that evokes the typical sandstone rock of the island; these pieces are not enameled but if are used different techniques to burn.
As confirmation of his work in this activity in 1996 obtained the Charter of Artisan by Catalunya and in 2009 by the Balearic Islands.

Currently, in addition to managing the workshop where it does creative projects, artwork, art shows, exhibitions, courses, etc..., also participated in exhibitions such as "Nadal Art" and "Gran Migjornale", and regularly attends Artisanal Fairs, both in Menorca and outside the island.

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