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To present Soap Nura - Natural of Menorca ® we have the duty of mention to Claudia Villalobos. Since 2006, this soap maker has developed your artisan products in his workshop from "Son Abatzer", near Sant Lluís.

The process from elaboration at "cold" that Claudia uses for the preparation of natural soaps Nura ensures the maintenance of the essential properties of its components. And it is this traditional process which causes the Nura soaps have high levels of natural glycerin, especially recommended for the care and hydration of the skin. The glycerin provides a hydrophilic effect that allows the natural soap attracts moisture, making it somewhat softer than industrial soap. Due to this characteristic, it is advisable to preserve the natural soap in a dry environment.

As the basis for their products Soap Nura - Natural of Menorca ® uses only pure vegetable oils and fats, by alimentary, cosmetic or pharmaceutical high quality. Also, flowers, spices, herbs, clay, silk or seeds are the incorporated ingredients that give each soap its color, texture, touch, scent and other properties.

Substances or synthetic perfumes are not used, so the natural Nura soaps owe their flavor and fragrance to the essential oils and their own components. They do not contain preservatives, dyes or other chemical additives and are 100% biodegradable.

At the wide variety of compounds, you can always find a suitable Nura soap that can take care of different types of skin, allowing use in both the face and the rest of the body avoiding, however, contact with eyes.

Soap Nura - Natural of Menorca ® is essential stop in the craft markets that are held in Menorca during the summer, and in

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