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Binibeca Cheeses is a company in which a whole family, along five generations, has worked in the craftsmanship of cheeses and sausages, only from the product obtained from cattle, goats and pigs which they are raised on the farm Alcaiduset.

This farm, located in the municipality of Alaior, 5.5 km from Mahon, has an area of 150 hectares and is equipped with modern facilities that make it easy to breeding of the three species of livestock. Currently on the farm there are about 120 cattle, 250 head of goats, more than 100 pigs for fattening and about 20 sows.

Binibeca Cheeses was the pioneer in Menorca in the production of Goat cheese the traditional way and in all varieties. So, nowadays, made ​​an excellent Mahon-Menorca Cheese, delicious sausages, among which we must highlight the sobrasada cured, and the aforementioned goat cheese.

The Pons family, in addition to developing these splendid cheeses and sausages, runs two shops in Menorca. . The first, Sa Formatgeria, is found in the center of Mahon, and the other, Es Bouer, is located in San Luis in the direction of Binibeca Vell. You can also find these products at various fairs and craft markets.

Since 1996 Binibeca Cheeses is attached to the Designation of Protected Origin (PDO) Mahon-Menorca Cheese. And from then until now has been honored with several awards:

· Prize for Best Cow Cheese Semicured of 2002
· Prize for Best Cow Cheese Cured of 2009
· Prize for Best Cow Cheese Semicured of 2009
· Prize for Best Cow Cheese Cured of 2010
· Prize for Best Cow Cheese Cured of 2011

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