Binifadet Winery 

In 1979 the family Anglés started a plantation up to 40 varieties of grapes, experimentally, to see which strains are best suited to the climate of Menorca and, after years of dedication to making wine for family consumption, and after building a new winery, in May 2004 they released their first wines.

The Binifadet winery and vineyards are located next to Sant Lluis, south of the island, its plantation area is divided into small plots or "tanques", protected from the wind Tramuntana by dry stone wall, typical of Menorca.

Binifadet is more than a winery, is an experience, where everything is authentic and special, where everything has its meaning; even the labels link to the operatic tradition both of Menorca like family Anglés, to be edited using the tampons that were used in the Great Theatre of Liceu in Barcelona to print posters of the operas in the early twentieth century.

Binifadet wines have an interesting variety: the standards of the house are the white wine, made ​​from Chardonnay, and red wine of the variety Merlot, plus a young red wine made ​​with Merlot and Syrah blend, sweet wines (the black with Merlot, and the white Muscat grapes), the rosé, with Merlot, the first sparkling wine in Menorca, also rosé, and red wine 100% Syrah, wich according to Luis Anglés, is a wine that appeals to good cooks and gourmands.

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