Cheese Mahon Quintana Semicured Mini

Outwardly, the Artisan Semicured Mahon Cheese by Quintana has a orange rind, and inside you see a yellowish body and smooth taste. It is made from raw cow's milk and molded by hand, with a maturation period at natural temperature of between three and five months.

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The Artisan Semicured Mahon Cheese by Quintana is a product made with raw milk of native breed cow and curded at the same temperature from milking in the cattle farms of Menorca. In these same farms is doing the work of pressing and conditioning of fresh cheese curd by traditional methods, and under the supervision and guidance of "Hijo de F. Quintana".

Transferred to Quintana facilities, the piece is dried and aerated for 2-3 weeks, after which it passes to the ripening room. The piece here remain between 8 and 9 weeks, being smeared with oil and turned periodically to acquire its typical appearance with an orange rind. The interior shows a body of firm dough and cutting easy, yellowish, with a variable number of eyes small, irregularly distributed, and a mild flavor. Has a fat content not less than 38% dry matter.
It comes in piece Mini ±1 kg, with vacuum packaging.


Please note that due to the traditional process of preparation, may cause slight variations in these values.

To ensure the conservation and better enjoy the Artisan Cheese Mahon-Menorca, read our Recommendations Conservation of the Mahon-Menorca Cheese at

  • Depth : ± 16 cm
  • GM (min.) : 38 %
  • Height : ± 8 cm
  • Packing : Vacuum
  • Weight : ± 1 kg
  • Width : ± 16 cm

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