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Typical pastries
The typical Pastry of Menorca is the result of the fusion of culinary traditions of different cultures that, at different times, inhabited the island and those others that maintained an intense commercial exchange. Thus we find traces of products and techniques used by Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans, Jews and Arabs, Catalans and Castilians, Italians, French and English.

In this category we find the wide range of products arising from this ancestral laboratory : "Pastissets" and "Mitjallunes", "Ensaimadas" and "Coca Bamba", "Galeta d'Alo" in your variants "molla" (soft) and hard, "Amargos" "Carquinyols" and "Tatis", "Trunyelles" and "Rissats", "Crespells" of sugar and "Crespellines"(or "crespellets"), "Crespells " of preserves or cottage cheese, "Flaons" of cottage cheese and "Rubiols" of tuna or vegetables, "Flowers of Suquet" and "Formatjades" (small-pie) than beef or pork meat, cottage cheese or mahon cheese ... and your exquisite Nougat