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The Ensaimada is, without doubt, the most typical product of the Balearic Islands, and is common to see at ports and airports to visitors who return from their holiday on the islands with the characteristic octagonal boxes. Its name comes from the term "Saim" with which in Catalan is called the lard, not for nothing is one of its main ingredients; and discuss its origin between Arabs and Jews.

Over the traditional formula, in which the dough is made ​​with only flour, eggs, sugar, yeast, milk and lard, were generated variants with all kinds of fillings. Thus, we can find "ensaimadas" of angel hair, cream toast, cream, chocolate, and also the delicatessen with sobrasada, cottage cheese, white "butifarrón" and Mahon cheese, sobrasada with honey, fruit, ...

In Menorca, plus the ensaimada with typical flattened spiral form, is elaborated the called "Coca Bamba" to which the mass is allowed to grow and then gives it its characteristically high. Typical consumption in the festivities, accompanying the traditional "xocolati".